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I'm obsessed with these bathbombs. My skin has never been softer and I've finally been sleeping better after having a bath at night! You are the bomb.


I just had my first blissedout bath and.... damn. I was skeptical thinking it was just going to be a regular bath bomb but you can literally FEEL the magic working. It was a 50mg bomb so I can't imagine how the 100mg is going to make me feel. I am soo relaxed. Since having my baby I have been so tense, and not able to relax with a little bit of anxiety and stress. After my bath I was calm, relaxed and sleepy. My skin feels so soft. Like ive never had a bath bomb leave my skin so soft, and smell so good! I am looking forward to a good sleep tonight. Thankyou so much! Cant wait to put in another order! Game changer!


My neck has been really sore the last few days and I had a bath last night with the bath bomb and then used the body butter on it and I can't believe the difference! My neck feels much better this morning! So happy you have started something so great =)


Hey just wanted to touch base with you after I've had a chance to use some bath bombs! Last week I was having such bad anxiety attacks, one day I had five throughout the day. Used the lavender that evening and it chilled me right out. Your products are awesome and my skin feels so soft too.



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