Lime ale bathbomb

Lime ale bathbomb

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Drop me into your warm bath and inhale the lime ale (beer) bathbomb! She's not what you except, scent wise. Slightly fruity & floral top notes highlight this alcoholic blend drying to a light barley background. Cannabis sativa seed infused. 


    VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, ORGANIC. coconut oil, cannabis sativa seed oil, beer fragrance oil, magnesium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, tricarboxylic acid, amylum, coloring.


    1-Drop bath bomb into bath

    2-Soak 30+ minutes (make sure to keep your feet under the water. The pores in your feet are large and can absorb the healing properties better than any other area)

    3-Pat Dry for maximum effects and oil absorbtion.

C$10.00 Regular Price
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These products are not intended to cure or prevent.
Do not ingest or apply internally. 
Health Canada approved bathbombs & body budda.

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