Hawaiian smoothie whipped scrub

Hawaiian smoothie whipped scrub

Take your body scrub to the next level with this whipped scrub. Both cleansing and exfoliating, this whipped scrub is packed with Shea butter coconut oil and cannabis sativa seed oil leaving skin silky smooth.


Scented in Hawaiian smoothie; A luscious fragrance that captures a tropical garden of horned melons, juicy kiwis, and sweet pineapple wedges. Exotic star fruit highlights this Hawaiian like breeze. 


    Crafters choice foaming bath whip, coconut oil, Shea butter, cannabis sativa seed oil, cane sugar, epsom salts, fragrance oil.


    Can be used in shower or bath.

    1- GET WET

    2-Open tin and take a generous scoop

    3- Begin to scrub in a circular motion with medium pressure onto damp skin.

    4- Rinse and Relax!